Suturing Practice Kit

Suture Practice Kit


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Distributor's Description

This complete kit has been tested by medical students and has been found to provide a training experience approximating human flesh, as opposed to practicing on pig's feet, chicken, or fruit.
The kit includes:

  • • High-quality, 3-layer silicone suture pad, designed to mimic human flesh – with 12 wounds of 10 types
  • • 5-piece surgical instrument set, with #10 scalpel blades
  • • Eighteen assorted surgical suture packs (with needles)
  • • Leatherette carrying case
Product Details
Title / Name Suturing Practice Kit
Author / Editor Suture Practice Kit
Distributor Suture Practice Kit
Year 2019
Language English
Format Kit
Binding Kit
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ASNX 9000990001358
List Price $ 49.99
Insights from Dr Hill

This kit was specially selected by our faculty for our Surgical Assisting course.
It is provides all of the necessary tools, it is well-manufactured, it includes a convenient carrying case, and it is very affordable.
Note that this kit is included in the price of your DRN Education / Texas Surgical Training Surgical Assisting course.
You do not need to order or pay for it separately.