Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards, 5th ed

John T Hansen


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Publisher's Description

Enhance your understanding of key anatomy concepts with Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards. Using the same anatomy illustrations found in Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, 2nd edition, this study set contains over 300 cards that include bones and joints, muscles, nerves, vessels, and viscera. Each card has a full color Netter illustration on the front and concise text on the back, which details the areas of origin, insertion, action, innervation, and anatomical relevance.

  • • 331 4 inch X 6 inch flash cards printed on a durable, heavyweight coated paper stock
  • • Each card contains a beautiful, detailed color illustration from Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy
  • • Color-coded by body region; organized regionally in accordance with Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy
  • • Within each region, cards are arranged by: Bones & Joints; Muscles; Nerves; Vessels; Viscera
  • • Each card contains a Comment section that provides detailed information about the structure
Product Details
Title / Name Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards, 5th ed
Author / Editor John T Hansen
Publisher Elsevier
Year 2018
Language English
Format Print
Binding Loose
Pages 688
ISBN 9780323530507
List Price $ 39.99
Insights from Dr Hill

I really like and recommend flash cards, especially for studying fact-based/memorization-based material, such as anatomy; and, Netter's is my suggestion for great human anatomy flash cards.
These can be used by anyone studying anatomy -- medical students, nursing students, medical assistants, etc.
They can also be used when studying for exams such as USMLE Step 1.
Many student will use them on their own; but, they are also a great tool to use during group study for quizzing each other.
As always, reach out to a DRN Education advisor, who can give you individualized recommendations on when and how to best use Robbins and Coltran in your studies.