Medical Ethics for the Boards, 3rd ed

Conrad Fischer


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    USMLE Step 1
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Publisher's Description

Ethics questions are included in Steps 1 and 3 of the USMLE, as well as on the American Board of Internal Medicine Examination and other specialty board certification exams. Practical and approachable, 'Medical Ethics for the Boards' provides a concise yet comprehensive review of topics students are most likely to encounter on the test. A chapter of questions and answers provides practice for exam day and helps readers feel prepared.

Product Details
Title / Name Medical Ethics for the Boards, 3rd ed
Author / Editor Conrad Fischer
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Year 2016
Language English
Format Print
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 208
ISBN 9781259641213
List Price $ 39
Insights from Dr Hill

Dr Fischer's Medical Ethics for the Boards has been my 'Go-To' recommendation for USMLE students working on medical ethics examination preparation.  It provides clear and concise advice to those to those struggling with the nuances of ethics; and, in my experience, can significantly improve Ethics test performance.  I HIGHLY recommend this book for those prep'ing for USMLE Step 1 and Step 3.
As always, reach out to a DRN Education advisor, who can give you individualized recommendations on when and how to best use Medical Ethics for the Boards in your studies.