Dr Ravi Draksharam MD

Dr Ravi Draksharam MD

Medicine, Nursing, Surgery, and Allied Health Programs
Chief Executive Officer, DRN Education
Chief Executive Director, The DRN Group

For 20 years, Dr Draksharam — aka 'Dr Ravi' — has been a highly-sought-after advisor to students around the world.  He brings a very unique and very effective style of teaching and mentoring to everything he does, and he has helped countless students to achieve their dreams and become excellent healthcare professionals.

In addition to education, Dr Ravi remains active in clinical research.

In his free time, Dr Ravi spends time with his family and friends and is a foodie.  He is a huge fan of cricket.



Microbiology & Immunology
Internal Medicine
Surgical Assisting
Nursing Fundamentals
Medical Assisting
Test-Taking Strategies

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The DRN Group

American Board of Surgical Assistants



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