Dr Reham Jarrar MD

Dr Reham Jarrar MD

Medicine and Allied Health Programs
Program Coordinator, USCE
DRN Rotations

After graduating from medical school in Egypt, Dr Jarrar returned to Jordan where she worked in Primary Care Medicine prior to moving to the United States.

In addition to medicine, Dr Jarrar is very passionate about humanitarianism; and, she has worked with UNFPA, USAID, and International Medical Corps.  She is the Founder of the Better Life Foundation; and, she is active in medical, legal, and educational interpretation for individuals with limited English proficiency.

Dr Jarrar enjoys working with and assisting other international physicians as they walk their pathways to residency and medical practice in the United States.

Dr Jarrar lives in Houston, Texas; and, she enjoys reading in her spare time.


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US Clinical Experience / Observerships


Licensed Physician, Jordan Ministry of Health

OB/Gyn Ultrasound, Abdominal Ultrasound, & Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation

Intensive Medical Interpretation

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Better Life Foundation, Founder

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