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DRN Support Services For Pre-US-Residency Medical Students and IMGs Applying To or Entering US Residency Programs

Medical Residency Application Support Services

You've done the hard work…

Medical School
US Clical Experience

Now comes the part you've been working towards...

But how???

Eventhough people have the best of intentions… Friends, colleagues, forums say 101 different things.
What should you do to be successful?

Let DRN Education Help

The End of Confusion

Maneuvering the pathway to healthcare licensure can be intimidating; and, there is no shortage of biased and often-contradictory information available online.

DRN Education advisors are educators — and they have years of experience guiding students and heathcare professionals through the process.

DRN Education… Where Confusion Ends

Services Available

Residency Application Support services are provided in partnership with IMG Support Services of Texas
ERAS® Season Seminar Series

~ 7 Hours of Content

Topics Cover Various Aspects of US Residencies and the Residency Application Process

Yes – They Are REALLY Free

MSPE Review & Editing

Review and Edit of 1 MSPE (aka 'Dean's Letter') per AAMC Guidelines

Note: Some Medical Schools May Limit Your Ability to Use Your Own MSPE

Personal Statement Review & Editing

Review and Edit of 1 Personal Statement for 1 Specialty to US Standards

Experienced, Native-English-Speaker Writers

(Additional Editing Available)

Practice Interviews with Feedback
$40/ hour

Advice, Practice, and Individualized Feedback to Improve Your Interview Performance

Most Applicants Need 4-6 Hours of Interview Practice

Match-A-Resident® Program Selection
$79/ season

Residency Program Research

Match-A-Resident® Has Provided Industry-Leading Program Targeting Services for Over 15 Years

(Multiple-Specialty Option Available)

$40/ hour

Common Topics:

  • ERAS® Application Readiness
  • US Clinical Experience
  • Specialty Selection
  • Program Targeting
  • PTAL / California Letter
  • MSPE / "Dean's Letter"
  • ERAS® CAF / CV Preparation
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • USMLE® Step 3
  • Interview Follow-up
  • NRMP and Rank Order Lists
  • Pre-Match Offers
  • SOAP®

Maximum Flexibility To Suit YOU:

Purchase Individual Services, or

Save with our All-In-One Solution

Residency Concierge


  • Unlimited Advising
  • ERAS® Season Seminar Series
  • MSPE Review & Editing
  • Personal Statement Review & Editing
  • Match-A-Resident® Program Selection
  • Multiple Practice Interviews

Some limitations apply.

Everything You Need For Your Best Residency Application

Save time, save money, and reduce stress.
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Lead Residency Application Support Advisor

Dr Duane P Hill PhD

Duane P Hill PhD

Medicine and Allied Health Programs

About Dr Hill

Over 25 Years Experience As an Educator

Over 15 Years Experience Working With Medical Students and IMGs Targeting Residencies

Advisee Match Rate: ~90%


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What Others Say About Him:

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"You are the bridge IMGs need."

"Thank you. You really made the difference."


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