Our Support Staff Is Here To Assist You

We want your first priority to be your studies and your career aspirations.  Reach out to our support staff if you need assistance – be it before or after your enrollment.

Executive Staff Members

Dr Ravi Draksharam MD

Ravi Draksharam MD

The DRN Group
Chief Executive Officer


Dr Duane P Hill PhD

Duane P Hill PhD

The DRN Group
Executive Director / Dean of Operations


Administrative Staff – Houston

(Coming Soon)

Comprehensive Solutions

It takes more than just some review videos, a book or two, and some practice questions to get to the professional career of your dreams.   That is why DRN Education offers a comprehensive collection of services and products to support you along your pathway to success.

Exam Preparation

Advising, Books, Videos, Lectures, Question Banks, Reference Materials

Professional Development

Culturalization, US Clinical Experience, Workshops, Document Preparation

Daily Living Resources

Housing, Transportation, Money Management, Stress Reduction

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